Ingrid has always been fascinated by horses. As a child with mobility issues they represented an opportunity at freedom from restriction. She has spent the majority of her life riding or being involved with horses in one way or another.

Her career path as a designer and fine artist has complimented her love of the horse with opportunities to work commercially for a roster of clients producing original designs either in print or on the web for stables, horse shows and tack stores and for many patrons completing commissions and portraits of their equine companions.

Ingrid’s goal when producing a portrait is to convey some aspect of the horse’s personality or relationship with their owner. This goal stems from a belief that art of any kind needs to create an emotional response in the viewer.

1989    Honourable Mention Ottawa Club of Printing House Craftsmen
1992    Gutenberg Awards Honourable Mention Boy Scouts 1992 Calendar
1992    Information Services Institute (ISI) Silver - Ada Language Glossary, Full Colour Publications Category
1993    Information Services Institute Award of Excellence - 1993 Anti-Racism Campaign
1998    Winner Cover contest for the Source, Equine Directory Cover
2012    Best in Show Our Roots, St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts and Humanities

1984    Opened one of the first Woman-run design firms in the Ottawa area.
1991    Judge ISI Awards, Advertising Category
1992    Judge ISI Awards, Display Advertising Category
1998    Exhibited at the Bibliotek Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2001    Interviewed on Roger’s TV, London, ON,
2001    Exhibited at the Pony Express Gallery, Stirling, ON
2008    Featured on CTV’s Regional Contact

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